Defense Systems Information Agency (DISA)

Mobility Operations Support Services (MOSS)

Reveal’s service offerings to DISA are composed of secure networking and gateway infrastructure that provides and extends enterprise services (such as, email, voice, video) to mobile devices; an enterprise Mobile Device Management (MDM) system that provides application layer confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity; and an enterprise Mobile Application Storefront (MAS) that hosts mobile applications.

Mobility is a key component to evolving the Joint Information Environment (JIE) and will enable an agile deployment environment for new and innovative applications to support Mission Partner and warfighter requirements.

From today and beyond, as mobile technology matures, DISA will leverage integration to further advance DOD mobile application capabilities to provide predictive, productivity enhancements to the mobile workforce. Through a mobile workforce evolution, they will move from traditional personal information management (PIM) [email, contacts, calendars] for the knowledge workers to a “mobile first” initiative where new business processes and applications are created with mobility as a primary use case.

Reveal provides services in support of LTG Alan R. Lynn’s “2nd highest priority within DISA”. The services provided are used by those who are sworn to protect Americans from enemies foreign and domestic as well as other Federal agencies whose critical services are essential to the American people.

Reveal provides the following services in support of the DISA Mobility Implementation and Sustainment:

  • Business Analysis, Secure Mobility Implementation Team (SMIT): Provides customer support, billing validation, database submission and validation, cellular inventory, logistics, documentation development, and communications services.
  • Tier III: Provides technical support to DISA Mobility customers worldwide, 8X7, and 365 days a week. This essential service utilizes various DISA tools to troubleshoot device issues and coordinate required support with internal DISA and vendors/partners to ensure devices are operable at all times. To ensure proper support, Tier III personnel are cross-trained in all of the support functions. Tier III personnel are required to have secure plus and secure mobility certifications.
  • Systems Architect (SA): The systems architect is responsible for ensuring that DISA Engineering & Developments efforts do not negatively affect DISA customers. The SA must work with all partners and DISA to test and research all software upgrades, technologies, and devices are of standard and are capable of provided worldwide communications to warfighters as well as White House Communications. The SA is the gatekeeper and responsible for what is accepted by Implementation and Sustainment on behalf of DISA customers.
  • Provisioning: Provisioners are responsible for device build out and compliance. Provisioners are certified registered authorities (RA) capable of handling NSA issued certificates that provide the security for each DMCC device issued. In addition, they provide the required inputs that allow DMCC devices to advance in technologies and security.

Scope of the Effort