Smart City

Rapid Situational Awareness

Communities, groups, and individuals face risks that require situational awareness support with real-time monitoring and response. Today’s world of uncertainty demands a mobile, modular, interoperable monitoring and alerting platform to address emerging threats.

Manage risk on the ground

Aware, responsive, and safe, EndZone delivers an enterprise-class mobile precision situational awareness solution to manage emerging threats in high risk areas. EndZone is a scalable, cloud or on-premise solution that provides the capability for networked communications (4G, LTE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Coverage on Wheels (COW), and satellite) to align with location-based technology while keeping individuals safe during a crisis.

Technology for a Unified Approach

  • Notifications with Dynamic Geofencing and multi-streaming video on mobile devices.
  • Users can send an SOS from their smartphone and be assisted through a secure integrated network of responders and administrators.
  • Leverages mobile technology to report status and location of targeted audiences, groups and individuals in the moment.
  • Improves the coordinator’s situational awareness and emergency management in real-time.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lightweight, easily deployable, and mobile centric, EndZone can be operated securely from any mobile device.
  • EndZone utilizes the map as the main point of reference for monitoring that leverages Dynamic Geofencing, multi-streaming video, and integrated telephone.
  • EndZone efficiently integrates into complex IT architectures and Software & IoT extensions that can accommodate facial recognition, biometrics, wearables, drones, beacons, sensors, and other connected products.
  • EndZone leverages two-way, FIPS 140-2 encrypted communication and a secure & scalable cloud architecture with automatic failover.
  • Because threats can happen at any time, EndZone offers 24X7 global service center support.

Admin Mobile Application

  • Map view detailing location of all users.
  • Secure voice and messaging.
  • One to one / One to many / Group chat
  • Multiple video feeds.
  • Security cameras / User devices / Drones / +More
  • Designate & create:
  • High Risk Areas
  • Dynamic Geofencing
  • Incident Notifications
  • Send & receive SOS messages

User Mobile Application

  • Map view of Point of Interest.
  • Rich details such as directions and direct calling.
  • Send SOS messages providing first responder with exact location details.
  • Share video.
  • Secure voice and messaging.
  • Security cameras / User devices / Drones / +More

Admin Console & Analytics

  • Live data dashboard for rapid decision making & response.
  • Easy on-boarding via Active Directory or other file formats.
  • Ability to customize individual user profiles.
  • Detailed reporting & data analytics